Refund Policy
The EcommSeason 30 Day Academy has a strict refund policy.

From The Date You Purchase, You Have 7 Days To Request A Refund On The Program, And Are Eligible As Long As You Meet These Criteria:

 Week 2 Content Has Not Yet Been Unlocked For You (1 Week From Joining Until It gets Unlocked)

    2) You Have Completed Over 50% Of Week 1 To Demonstrate Effort And Joined Our Private Mastermind Group (Digital) That Every Academy Student Has The Opportunity To Join. We Would Like To See Effort. If The Program Is Just Not For You, Then No Worries! Request A Refund Within 7 Days.

To Request A Refund, Simply Reach Out To Our Support Email:

Anyone Who Has Been Caught Reselling The Academy Content Or Sharing Logins Will Immediately Be In-Eligible For A Refund And Will Have Their Login Rights Revoked (No Further Access).